We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Plants And Succulents

At Plants N Pebbles, we connect green plants through our passion for nature and green spaces in a lifestyle. We provide a true green to tabletop experience for the plants. We care about our plants just as much as we care about our environment. We want to make your green space ambitions, whether in your home or office, come alive while still working within your element.

As a young company, we are committed to growing along with you on this green journey. And while we believe education is a cornerstone of our business, we are also here to listen and learn from our guests’ experiences. There’s something in the simple act of being around, and caring for, plants that boosts our spirits and enhances our environments.

If you’re like us, your plant collection will never stop growing. (A room without plants? Impossible.) We want to inspire even more plant lovers and larger green spaces. We love helping you find plants that match your lifestyle, from pet-friendly to super resilient. Every order includes a care card with instructions on how to keep your new plant companion happy and healthy. 

If you’re looking to take your plant addiction to the next level, check out our Plant Care page. We are always aiming to spark connections through green spaces and grow the loving community with fresh plant delivery at any time.

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Gifting plants is a wonderful way of sharing your love of plants, and giving a present that can be enjoyed for many years to come.Plants are incredibly thoughtful, and there is something wonderful about giving them as gifts. Live plant gifts make people smile, warm up a room, and are healthy to have around the house.

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